3-DH Designs



animated with Cinema4d + RealFlow and Octane Renderer Pouring honey on an apple


A little CGI Animation of a CONVEYOR-BELT made in cinema 4D rendered in octane CONVEYOR-BELT animations • • • •​​​​​​​


Logo Animations

Logo animations

DO IT RIGHT || Leiter’s Sukkah

A year ago we created these short video’s for Leiters Sukkah At MediaOTG the campaign was DO IT RIGHT • Was fun and a huge push for my career b”h looking back most of them I’m still proud of! A year ago we created these short video’s for Leiters Sukkah at MediaOTG the campaign was… Continue reading DO IT RIGHT || Leiter’s Sukkah


Business – Advertising – Marketing All brought together in 1 place. BAM! our team worked on creating appealing visuals for the bam expo that catches every creative eye we went and created some amazing simulations with Houdini FX and textured it with eyecatching textures in octane renderer. mixed with amazing and satisfying audio. creative minds… Continue reading BAM

Meaningful Minute

A powerful re-brand for Meaningful Minute. Minutes that have a meaning and will change your life forever.

Mezamrim Logo Animation


“IT’S NOT MILCHIG” is a campaign for Mehadrin (Non-Dairy) parve line of product’s done at MediaOTG

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